Controlled designation of origin*


Made from 100% Albana grapes – one of the most representative grape varieties of Romagna – this wine will satisfy your senses with a pleasant flavor that is velvety and sweet but never cloying, because it is produced with grapes that are partially dried (appassimento).
It is ideal for accompanying traditional regional desserts such as a slice of pie, or ciambella (Italian breakfast cake), but also rice cakes or fragrant shortbread, and can be best appreciated if drunk at a temperature of 8 °C.

A drop of history
The origins of this variety are lost in the mists of time.
Some believe it was in fact introduced to Romagna by the Romans who were already enjoying it in the period of the ancient empire.
Other schools of thought trace its name to the Latin word albus, or the clearest white, with obvious references to the characteristics of this grape.


Albana 100%

Maximum production of grapes per hectare: 9 t.
Province of Bologna: 7 municipalities
Province of Forli / Cesena: 10 municipalities
Province of Ravenna: 5 municipalities


It must be produced with partially dried grapes and using the method of fermentation /refermentation in the bottle or in autoclave, as required by national and Community regulations.

* Approved by Ministerial Decree 22.09.2011 Official Journal 235 of 8.10.2011
Amended by Ministerial Decree 30.11.2011

Mousse: fine and persistent;
Color: golden yellow;
Aroma: characteristic, intense, delicate;
Flavor: sweet, pleasant, velvety;
Total minimum alcohol content by volume: 16%;
Residual reducing sugars: over 60 g per liter.


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