The wine bars of Romagna’s Wine Consortium are places full of charm that allow you to breathe in history along with the natural scent of wood. Their menus extend far beyond an excellent food and wine selection to include enchanting surrounding landscapes and unquestionable hospitality.

There are three “Case del Vino” (Wine Houses) worth visiting to sip and savour the best glass of any Romagna wine.

Ca’de Vèn wine bar

Persone che mangiano all'enoteca Ca de Ven

Ca ’de Vén occupies the ground floor of a fifteenth century building in the historical city center of Ravenna. It offers tourists and locals alike that warm hospitality which made Maestro Pierre Boulez say:” It’s like being home”.

Having opened with wine, piadina and cold cuts, still in great demand today, their menu has gradually been enriched with new and traditional recipes, faithful to a quality that respects tradition.

While tasting, your gaze can caress the frescoed vaults and nineteenth-century shelves full of bottles that narrate the story of Romagna’s wines or, depending on the table chosen, you can be enveloped by the generous, unparalleled sunlight of the Winter Garden.

Via Corrado Ricci 24, 48100 – Ravenna (RA)
Phone: +39 (0544) 30163, Fax: +39 (0544) 30163


Ca’de Bè Wine Bar

veduta panoramica dalla terrazza dell'enoteca Ca de Bè

Ca ’de Bè, refurbished in 2011, upholds a food and wine proposal inspired by traditional Romagna cuisine, principally piadinas paired with cheeses and cold cuts, yet harmonized with today’s tastes and lifestyles. The wine list includes the wines of nearly fifty Romagna wineries belonging to Romagna’s Wine Consortium. Specifically noteworthy are Romagna Sangiovese DOC and Romagna Albana DOCG, which reaches peaks of excellence on the hills of Bertinoro.

The town of Bertinoro is well-known as “the most beautiful terrace in Romagna” because on clear days a view of the sea can be enjoyed on the horizon, and in the evenings you can enjoy the lights of the Riviera, in particular, from Cà de Bè’s terrace, the most beautiful in Bertinoro.

Piazza della Libertà 10, 47032 – Bertinoro (FC)
Phone: +39 (0543) 444-435, Mobile: +39 342-351-1496, +39 347-391-5270


Osteria in Piazza Nuova

tavolo con bicchieri illuminato da un raggio di sole

The Osteria in Piazza Nuova in Bagnacavallo fascinates and impresses the visitor even before entering. The restaurant extends into an oval square and is surrounded by a portico built around mid-18th century to initially accommodate shops and warehouses, later converted into artisan workshops and a tavern with kitchen.

A generous use of wood gives warmth and elegance to the three cozy rooms, where you can enjoy a cuisine that is attentive to tradition as well as innovation. It is also possible to savour a pleasant glass of wine while being spellbound by the splendid scenery of Piazza Nuova, an inspiration for numerous artists: from Vittorio Gassman who chose it to hold a TV reading of Dante, to the various directors who chose it as a film set.

Piazza Nuova 22, 48012 – Bagnacavallo (RA)
Phone: +39 (0545) 63647