Romagna Sangiovese D.O.C.


The territory

Wine speaks the language of a land; Romagna is a lush shawl that runs between the sea and the Apennines. For the people of Romagna, hospitality is not an emotion of tradition, but a true and ancient feeling that finds its greatest manifestation when offering wine.

The Wineries

United by passion, traveling towards excellence

The knowledge of nature and wine philosophy has been handed down for generations. The wineries of the Wines of Romagna are commonly family run, and respect the traditions of parents and grandparents which are inherited by their children. In the Consortium they have found the pursuit of excellence through common experiences. Wineries


Consorzio Vini di Romagna

the commitment to quality, the love of the land

Since 1962, the Consortium has brought together wine cellars, vineyards and wine producers to protect the wines of Romagna. It has always strived to defend wine quality, price stability, and the enhancement of the wines and its territory.


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