This wine has been talked about since the Byzantine era when the first vines arrived from Istria during the importation of limestone for the construction of churches, baptisteries and historical monuments of the Ravenna area. The name appears to derive from the slightly harsh characteristics of this ancient grape variety, as it was said to “bite the palate”.

Cagnina wine in Romagna

Cagnina DOC Vitigno

"Romagna Cagnina DOC" wine is obtained from vineyard grapes having the following ampelographic composition:

Terrano: minimum 85%;

Other black grape varieties allowed for cultivation in the Emilia Romagna region can contribute: maximum 15%.

Vini Romagna - Cagnina DOC - Colore

purplish red.

Vini Romagna - Cagnina DOC - Odore

vinous, distinctive.

Vini Romagna - Cagnina DOC - Sapore

sweet, full-bodied, slightly tannic, slightly acidic.


Ideal to complement roasted chestnuts, cheeses, pies and freshly baked pies and cakes. It has a sweet and full-bodied flavour particularly notorious to fans of fine Romagna wine.

Actual alcoholic strength by volume: minimum 8.5% Vol.;
Alcoholic strength by volume: minimum 11.5% Vol.;
Release for consumption: beginning October 10th of the year of harvest;

Production Area

In the province of Forlì/Cesena: 16 municipalities
In the province of Ravenna: 5 municipalities