Faenza, March 2024 – Consorzio Vini di Romagna has been overseeing and promoting the region’s wines, bringing together wineries, wine producers, and businesses since 1962. The organization will be present at ProWein in Düsseldorf from March 10th to 12th, together with eight member companies. The Consorzio’s main goals include ensuring top-notch wine quality, fair pricing, and enhancing both the product and the region. It has been instrumental in driving the growth of Romagna’s wine industry, which has seen impressive quality improvements in recent years, especially with flagship denominations like Romagna Albana DOCG and Romagna Sangiovese DOC.  

At Stand 15 E 58, featuring a dual display desk, the Consorzio Vini di Romagna will present wines boasting the prestigious collective labels Novebolle and Rocche di Romagna. Novebolle is a project that explores Romagna’s sparkling wine tradition from the early 1900s, highlighting the esteemed Romagna DOC Spumante and honoring the historic Trebbiano grape while introducing an innovative take on Sangiovese. The Rocche di Romagna collective brand unites the sixteen “subzones” of the Romagna Sangiovese denomination, making it easier for consumers to recognize the production process and encouraging them to embrace the Romagna Sangiovese experience rooted in the region’s identity. This allows for exploration of areas with exceptional wine tourism appeal, offering new landscapes and diverse cultures to discover. Visitors to the Consorzio’s booth will have the opportunity to sample and intimately explore these remarkable wines that captivate with their alluring aromas and authentic, rich flavors from the very first sip. 

Over time, the Consorzio Vini di Romagna has expanded its activities significantly, and the number of vine growers and associated wineries has increased. Currently, there are 8 cooperative wineries, 107 wine producers, 5 bottlers, and 5,200 registered DOC and DOCG companies. Eight wineries will be showcasing their top-notch products at ProWein: Tre Monti from Imola, Trerè from Faenza, Ronchi di Castelluccio – Poggio della Dogana from Modigliana and Castrocaro, Cantina Forlì Predappio from Forlì, Condè di Fiumana from Predappio, Celli from Bertinoro, Amaracmand from Roncofreddo, and San Patrignano di Coriano from Rimini.